Family-owned/operated Modern Korean Cuisine

Momo’s joy and pride is found in recreating that home-style meal where families and friends can come together for genuinely good food and fellowship.  Come to Momo for a blend of various traditional Korean dishes, sushi, and modern Korean-American fusion.

Momoyaki, a family-owned Korean-American fusion restaurant, blossomed from humble beginnings. With only her mother's home-cooked recipes, in 2008 Kay Yun (chef/owner) and husband, Chi Yun, founded Momo to satiate their nostalgia from home.

Like any authentic Korean home-cooked meal, the taste and quality depend on its spices and sauces. Unlike many options available in Gainesville, Momo's owners take pride in producing all of their sauces and stocks in-house with only the highest quality ingredients, with absolutely no MSG added. At momo, everyone is family, so each order is made fresh from scratch, carefully prepared with patience and love, just like mom used to do.

From 2008, Kay and Chi have grown their menu to include a diverse blend of traditional Korean dishes and modern Korean-American fusion. In addition, Momo offers a fantastic sushi bar, one of the best you can find in town. Momo's sushi is of the utmost quality available in Gainesville, sure to please even the most discerning sushi connoisseur.

Acts 2:46:...they broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts.

- Momo ’til you can’t no mo’